Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are the student reports? When I go to view them none appear?
Answer: You are probably using an older browser. You will need to update it to view the student reports on the site.

Question: Who wrote the reports posted here?
Answer: Students at Yale's School of Management.

Question: Why did they write them?
Answer: As partial fulfillment of their course requirements. In other words, these reports were written as part of a class assignment.

Question: What course?
Answer: The course's title is "Security Analysis." Students in this course work in teams of three to four and are expected to write two industry and four company reports during the semester.

Question: Did the students receive any direct financial compensation for writing these reports?
Answer: No. But, we do hope that some of the people reading these reports are recruiters, and will hire them upon graduation!

Question: Can anybody else post reports here?
Answer: Currently, no. For now this site is dedicated to disseminating the work of students at Yale's School of Management.

Question: Who can download and comment upon the reports?
Answer: Anybody. In fact, this site encourages the general public to do both. However, while comments are welcome those making abusive posts will find their posts removed, and if necessary they will be banned from making further posts. See the document "Disclaimer and Policies," a link to which can be found in the navigation bar at the top.

Question: If I like a particular report who do I contact for more information?
Answer: Each report includes the authors' contact information. Feel free to contact them directly.

Question: Who do I contact for information about the site, or the course itself?
Answer: This information is provided in the document "Faculty Contact Information," a link to which can be found in the navigation bar at the top.